Wreathed Hornbill (Aceros undulatus) ‘The Farmers Of The Forest’


In the collection of bird species, Ragunan Zoological Park has succeeded in breeding the wreathed hornbill. The wreathed hornbill’s offspring came out of the nest on January 4th, 2016. The addition of the wreathed hornbill’s offspring increased the number of collection of the species in Ragunan Zoological Parks to be 5 species.

The success in breeding the wreathed hornbill made Ragunan Zoological Parks very proud since this type of bird has difficulties in breeding because of its monogamy characteristic and its habit which requires special place, such as high tree holes, in their natural habitat.

Wreathed hornbill has very unique characters while breeding. After mating, the female will enter the nest and helped by the male to cover the nest until the ‘door’ of the nest is as big as its beak so they can put the food. The materials used to close the nest are banana, sawdust, and their own feces. The nesting, hatching and rearing the offspring are all done in the closed nest. The male regularly send food to the female and the hatched offspring. After hatching, the offspring will not go directly out of the nest but it will be nursed by the mother until its feathers complete and the size of the body is almost as big as the mother’s. The mother and the offspring will come out of the nest after 4 months. Thumb_003410_56_03

Wreathed hornbill is called ‘farmer of the forest’ because they distribute seeds throughout the forest with their ability to fly and their wide scope in exploring

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