smutzerSchmutzer Primate Centre is one international-class primate center that has a role in primate conservation as well as Indonesia and Primate Information Window.

Various types of Indonesian primates are represented here with some exotic primates include: orangutans, gorillas, Chimpanzes, and rare species of primates from other domestic and foreign. The complex area of 13 ha is designed with an open concept zoo, where the animals lived in it as if it were in their natural habitat.

smutzer2Entering of ¬†Schmutzer Primate Centre you will see an enclosure arranged in an interesting and artistic. Collection of animals that are a mainstay of primate species with the icon of orangutan and gorilla. Semicircular gates resembling a giant dome with stairs leading to the bridge which is one way to see the lowland gorillas of the bridge. From the bridge you can observe the gorillas. Which is one of the world’s largest monkey species. His weight reached over 100 kg. at 12 pm visitors can watch workers provide food (feeding time) gorilla. This attraction is very interesting and because the visitors can see firsthand how the shy gorilla eat.

Furthermore if the visitors want to see the orangutans will be able to see it through the tunnel orangutans (orangutan tunnels). Besides to viewing wildlife primate, you can learn about the lives of primates through some of the existing facilities at the primate center Schmutzer include: animal food pantries, educational facilities with a screening of documentary theater space, wildlife diorama and a library.

Entrance fee is Rp Schmutzer Primate Centre ( Rp.6000,- on monday-friday ) and (Rp.7500,- on Saturday – Sunday and national holiday). If you want to watch your documentary film Primates charged Rp. 150,000 for one film title with a seating capacity of 85 seats.