Ragunan Zoo Gave Best Advice To The Provincial Government Of Banten City To Build A Zoo


Jakarta, Ragunan Zoo (Tuesday, August 30th, 2016)

The wish to build a zoo in Banten City is stated by the member of the House of Representatives (DPRD) who visited Ragunan Zoo on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. In their visit to Ragunan Zoo, the members of DPRD reveal their desire to have a zoo like any other province.

“Indeed, Banten Province is still young, it is only fifteen years old, but we too want to have a zoological park, like other provinces, with the natural potential that we have. We have an area of 1500 hectares which can be used to build a zoo” a member of DPRD explained.

The members of the House of Representative team, lead by Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Banten, Hj. Ratu Ella N Syatibi, SH., M.Kn, are welcomed by the director of Ragunan Zoological Park, Dina Himawati, SE., M.Si along with the staff of Ragunan Zoo at the education lobby of Schmutzer Primate Center.

Recognizing the complexity of managing a zoo, the team of DPRD Banten City intends to dig up as much information as possible from the Ragunan Zoo on the management, ranging from wildlife, business management systems and human resource.  It is expected that this visit can give valuable contribution to the government of Banten City to build a zoo.

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