Year-End Gifts, 2 Sumatran elephants baby was born in Ragunan zoo


October 2013 was born a male baby elephant Sumatran. For a while the elephant calf has not been named by the female parent Agustin 14 years old and the male parent named Arli aged 21 years. The elephant calf born with a weight of 80 kg and direct feeding to Agustin few hours after birth.

Not long ago one month on December 2, 2013, a child was born back-sex female Sumatran elephant. The female calf was born healthy with weight of 100 kg, from the female parent Mulyani (aged 25 years) and the male parent Melki (aged 22 years). It was the second minister, after the 1999 Mulyani spawned Agustin in Ragunan Zoo.

The birth of the second child elephants add to the collection Sumatran elephants in Ragunan zoo become 14.

Sumatran elephant subspecies of the Asian elephant is the only berhabitat on the island of Sumatra. Its population has declined and become highly threatened species. Around 2000 – 2700 Sumatran elephants remaining in the wild based survey in 2000. A total of 65% of the population was decimated by the Sumatran elephant man was killed and a 30% chance of being poisoned humans. Approximately 83% of habitat Sumatran elephant has been the plantation area as a result of aggressive encroachment of plantations.

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