Why I Shouldn’t Interfere and Feed Animals in the Zoo


Zoo animals are very sensitive, disturbing frightened, consequently they will be ill and failed to have children.

Zoo animals in need of a safe and quiet place. Most wild animals sleep at night. How does it feel to have woken up at 2 o’clock in the morning. They would feel disturbed if we bother him.

Many zoo animals endangered. Difficult obtain more than alamya. If they die or fail to have been domesticated in the zoo, there is no replacement.

Disturbimg, making it miserable, throwing stones, seek veterinary attention makes disturbed and cause a wounded animal.


And why i shouldn’t feed the zoo animals

The reason is, at the zoo, the animals have a very special diet, food that you provide will ruin the taste and her health. Zoo animals will swallow all kinds in front of him , including bottles and plastic bags that will pierce his gut and killed him.

Do not force the animal to eat, they should not be too much to eat. Not good if obesity. Many accidents occur when visitors feed the animals at the zoo – both visitors and animals. Animals will catch the disease from food given visitor. In the end the amount of animals in the wild will be reduced. And if they are lost we are no longer able to see at the zoo.



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