What Can We Do in Ragunan Zoo


Here we can having fun and learn at the same time. The visitors should be aware that the animals are seen in Ragunan Zoo is a very special animals, many species already endangered. Their population declined in nature for many reasons. Some of them come from very far away.

Many people spend only a few minutes on each cage.

If more time is spent, a lot of things can be observed. Apart from observing the animals, talk with a nurse about feeding animals, behavior etc. can be an interesting and educational experience. Many visitors can see the full show rocks and plants and get frustrated because they can not see the animals. Actually, the zoo trying make the cage looks and feels natural. This way, not only animals that will feel more at home but also visitors can see animals in a habitat which feels real.

What shouldn’t be do in Ragunan zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a special place for wildlife, it is important to know what should not be done by someone here. Visitors should not tease animals known or unknown to the officer. There is always a sign ban around the cage arrives to tell visitors what are the things that should not be done. These rules must be considered seriously.

Dangerous Plastic

Visitors are prohibited from throwing plastic into the cage. which may be ingested by animals. Plastic bags can not be described naturally and can not be digested. They can clog the throat, and strangled the animal to death.

Feeding time and animals care

There are two important things to remember by the visitors.

Do not feed the animals. Every animal needs food with different types. The food is given in special zoo and similar to what is eaten in the wild. When they are fed different than usual, animals will lose appetite for the type of food they usually eat. Animals can also be infected with human plague when visitors feed. This makes the animals sick and can even cause death.

Many people think that they are helping animals by feeding, where the role of education for visitors to the zoo becomes very important. Do not feed the animals, it is better to wait until the guard they feed, and menontonya with pleasure, here visitors can ask the nurse in charge of the animals.

Teasing is a major cause of suffering for the animals zoo. Teased causing mental stress. Even seemingly harmless temptation like the snap of a finger on the animals, calling hissing, or run in front of the cage, can harm these animals.

Other behaviors such as spitting, smoking may pose a danger to wildlife. Bringing pets to the zoo animals are also not permitted. the danger is animals can become infected. All actions can greatly affect health

The visitors always expect wildlife animals always look active all the time, as if the animals want to see and react to them at the right time.

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