Ragunan Zoological Park

Welcome to Ragunan Zoo, a 147 hectares park and home for 2.000 specimen and are covered more than 50.000 trees those become environment are cool and comfort.

Ragunan Zoo located at Pasar Minggu, around 20 Km from central of Jakarta city, are the cheapest and most easily accessible in the city. The animals and its park surrounded by large trees become the main attraction for families to picnic, especially on weekends.

We’ll find a place to take a walk with beautiful views of nature that very peaceful, and surrounded by the sound of birds and gibbons.

The First Zoo established in  September 19 th,  1864 located in Central Jakarta, and then moved to South Jakarta at 1966.

The current total area is more than 140 hectar, in the beginning planned about 200 hectar, in order to get the land for development. The goverment realized that Jakarta in need of water catchment areas and it’s juts as important as providing a place for resident to enjoy nature.

harimauPHOTO : Sumatran tiger ( Panthera tigris sumatrae ) in Taman Margasatwa Ragunan.

Visiting Ragunan Zoo means entering a miniature tropical forest, where is, it contain of biological diversity, a high value of conservation and keeping of it to the future.

Why Ragunan Zoo?

Ragunan Zoo is the only place for the public to enter the wildlife in a safe situation, close and low cost

Ragunan zoo has a wide collection of animals from various indonesia island and other countries

There are 3 million visitors who come each year to Ragunan Zoo. Offers the opportunity for animal scientific study. Many students of zoology, veterinary science using the zoo as their laboratory,  or a place to do research or field studies.

Ragunan zoo gives protection to wildlife wisely. In the wild, animals may face threats such as poaching, theft, loss of natural habitat, pollution of air and water etc. Otherwise, in Ragunan Zoo animals will be safe from the threat.

PHOTO : Honey bear (Helarctosmalayanus).

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